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Moaning's from the Mash Tun September 2021 - Winter is coming...

Who can Believe its September already?!? we will be drinking Mulled Wine and Eating Mince Pies in no time...

Things have been ramping up in the Brew House this month as we prepare for our Current Head Brewer Simon to leave us, Unfortunately Simon will be leaving the Industry and we wish him all the best as he forges his new career path, Fear Not Though as Our New Head Brewer Rob has been shadowing Simon closely these past few months and is Excited to take on this Pivotal Role within our Company. "I'm ecstatic to be given this opportunity at Bridgehouse, This job has been a long awaited dream of mine and I'm looking forward to taking my career to the next level. I'm excited to bring my own flare and style to the company whilst maintaining there well established high standards"

In Other News Our Baltic Rum Porter (available on our web shop) took home Silver at SIBA North East Beer Competition our Sales Manager Andrew Lumb Said " it was great to be around lots of like minded Brewers again after what has felt like an eternity of Lockdowns and cancelled events, Being together in the Beer Festival Environment again felt very special. as usual This years Entrants where all world class and we feel privileged to have won this accolade in a category that was highly contested."

Sales Manager Andrew Lumb Collecting the Award.

Onto more beer related topics our Beer list for this Years KWVR Beer Festival has finally been finalised and will be released shortly, if you haven't done so already head on over to and get your tickets ordered! we will be back in the "Shed" at Oxenhope with our very own bar so please come say Hi and grab a pint of your Favourite Bridgehouse Tipple...

amongst our line-up this year we have a "New" old Favourite, a much loved beer from Halloweens Past has had a re"vamp" Pumpkin Head 2.0 will be making its Debut at the festival but this is no ordinary "ghoulish" ale we have upped the anti on this one and be in no doubt it will "raise the dead"... ok enough of the Halloween puns Pumpkin Head 2.0 has been redesigned with a more robust hop character this copper coloured ale is now 4.2% we have also upped the spices and Lowered the Pumpkin to give this beer a more balanced palate.

Many of us don't want to face the fact that Christmas is coming me included but there are some of us whom work in Bridgehouse Head office ( who shall remain nameless) that think its time to start considering what Christmas beers we will be brewing this year... so with that in mind what Beers would you like to see this year?

could it be

1) Rudolph's Ruin - a blast from our past last brewed in 2015?

2) Christmas Pud Porter - a relatively new beer that our customers Loved last year

3) Something else - Stop being lazy and get your heads together and make us something new?

let us know your choice in the comments section below you never know we might just brew them all... ; )


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