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Moaning's from the Mash Tun February 2022 - The Year of the Tiger...

Did Somebody forget to turn the tap off?... February has been one wet Weekend after another hasn't it! not that I've noticed as I've rarely got my head out of an FV long enough to check if its stopped raining.

By far the most tedious part of my week is my Friday Clean down, this is the day that the brewery gets a deep clean and I get sore hands but if squeezing myself through that tiny hole each week means that you guys get top tip condition beer then that's a sacrifice I'm prepared to make ; )

as some of you more Cultured folk out there might know this month sparks the start of the Chinese new Year, The Year of the TIGER (whoop) so in a small Homage and because we have some Hops left on our Contract that need using (shhhhh) we Re Brewed an old Classic of ours Easy Tiger 6.1% now historically Easy Tiger was brewed with Anthunm Hops which in typical fashion have been Discontinued by our hop supplier and with no direct replacement we had to do some technical brewy stuff (that we wont bore you with) in order to achieve the desired flavour profile... The hop we ended up using as substitute was the Trusty US cascade and this beer is tasting outstanding!! (not that I'm biased or anything)

on the brew schedule next week is a new brew that I'm particularly excited about its this years first addition to our Single Hop Series! #2 Galaxy... no not a

system of millions or billions of stars,

together with gas and dust, held together by gravitational attraction nor the Chocolate bar... Galaxy The hop! this beer is going to Showcase exactly

why Galaxy is so popular, In 2016 Global demand for Galaxy was so high it exceeded availability.

one of the reasons Galaxy is so popular is because Galaxy Hops boast the highest percentage of essential oils in the business, which is why they have such an amazing fruity taste. Be sure to keep an eye on our social media for the launch of this one!

all that's left to say is if your going out this weekend don't forget you Umbrella and wear your big coat!


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