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Moaning's from the Mash Tun January 2022 - New Year New Beer!!!

I Hope you all had a Fantastic Christmas and New Years I certainly did...

This is the one and only photo (left) taken from our Christmas works do, Needless to say many more pints where drunk that night.... Dom Our Drayman Obviously had forgotten that Holy Cow is 5.6%!! what a mess that turned into...

Having finally recovered from the Sore head This week saw me back in the Brew House and let me tell you digging out the mash Tun after a week of eating and drinking was Hell, at least it was the sweet smelling Hell know as Cherry Choc Stout which I will be racking off at the end of this week! I'm adding some final touches to the First new beer of 2022 and I'm super excited to share that with you as soon as I can but for now you will have to wait until next month.

December saw our Web shop small pack sales busier than ever and I cant thank you all enough for ordering Bridgehouse Beer to drink with your Christmas Turkey :)

that being said the bottle supplies have been exhausted so the web shop team are waiting on a fresh delivery from our supplier, the stock should be back up in a week or so.

I've been trying to keep our bottle stock fresh and interesting so to that end we are currently running a Poll on our Instagram on what beers you want bottled next, if you would like a Bridgehouse beer in bottle that we have not done before head on over to @bridgehousebrewery and let us know Tell them Rob Sent you.

If you have been keeping an eye on the Breweries social Media you will have seen that I have lost a small portion (my favourite Portion) of my Brewhouse to the Chaps of Brewhouse Gin... I'm not going to sugar coat it at first I didn't like the idea of sharing my Temple with anyone but after a few weeks or so I've come to the realisation that there not a bad bunch of folks and this change of heart most definitely has nothing to do with the samples they keep leaving for me on my Desk....

here's to a prosperous 2022

- Rob

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