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Moaning's from the Mash Tun December 2021 - Its beginning to look at lot like BEEEERRR!!!

At the time of writing this its officially 25 days till Christmas!!! Joy, Cheer and Festive Beer are in full flow here at Bridgehouse Brewery, all of our FV's are full and you guys and gals are supping it faster than we can make it... Christmas Pud Porter alone has been brewed over 3 times and were only in the first week of December!

Earlier this week we announced our BIB's are back in stock with a massive 15% discount if you use code CRIMBO15 at checkout, We have also added 10Litre BIB's to our available range. so now is the chance to grab yourself some Bridgehouse Beer For Christmas day.

As well as our BIB's we also have our 500ml bottles back in stock for the first time in what feels like forever (sorry about that). Christmas Pud Porter, Brandy Snap, Plum Porter and Rum Raisin stout are all available on our online store.

Blonde, Tequila Blonde, Holy Cow, Airedale and Landlady should all be available in January.

Onto a more sombre note...

I mentioned in our last Blog how November is Historically a quiet one for our Industry and that Pub's in particular need all our support especially after this last year(s)

and while December is usually very busy across our industry one month isn't enough to make up for nearly a year of closed business so please continue to support your local, head down to your nearest brewery and buy some products direct, shop at your local bottle shop it really does make all the difference.

All that's left for me to do is thank you all for sticking with us in 2021 and Here's to brighter 2022!!

Merry Christmas And a Happy New Year.

- The Bridgehouse Team.

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