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Moaning's from the Mash Tun November 2021 - It's Hotting up as its cooling down...

Spooky Seasons over and we find ourselves in that quiet patch before the impending madness of The Festive Season... not unlike the quiet before a tinsel filled storm.

The First week or so of November is Historically a quiet one in the industry providing Brewery's and Publicans alike the chance to regroup and take stock before they inevitably go back to working around the clock, But this year has been no ordinary year with both Breweries and pubs struggling to find there way in a post COVID Britain,

we thankfully have been able to weather the storm, some unfortunately have not...

with Winter well on the way and costs rising its now more important than ever to support your favourite Brewery or pub they really do need your continued support!

Onto a more Cheery note our Christmas beers are now in cask and will soon be in a pub near you! the first cask of Christmas Pud Porter has already been delivered to the Black Bull in Haworth with Jaiq the General Manager keen to get you all in the festive spirit.

If your a bit of a humbug like me and the thought of drinking a Christmas beer in November is enough to send you round the Christmas tree don't worry we still have plenty of non Christmas themed beers available.

Rob is in the final stages of Developing an exciting new beer that we cant wait to tell you more about but unfortunately I'm under a strict social media embargo so your going to have to wait a little longer... Hopefully not too much longer though (wink).

Many of you have been asking about our T-shirts and Hoodies which are now available on our online store we don't hold a massive amount of stock so please bear in mind if you order one it may be a week or so before delivery and for all you "folically" challenged Bridgehouse Fans out there our Beanie hats are also back in stock.

- The Brewery Team.

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