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Moaning's from the Mash Tun May 2021 - So Much Love

April... what a month this has been. I have never been so happy to see all our Fermenting Vessel’s full! As soon as a beer was racked off, the tank was filled up again with delicious beer within 4 hours... This is how brewing should be! A lot of hard work, but certainly worth it in the end.

When the 11th of April finally came around, it gave me the Christmas Eve feeling. On the 12th of April I was in the brew house brewing our best selling beer; Blonde. Big citrus and mango aromas filled the room as the final hop addition was added.

I was fortune enough to see the beer garden of our flagship pub “The Airedale Heifer” from the window of the brew house. The first customers looked excited to be back “at the pub” and it didn’t take me long before I ordered my first pint of cask ale in what seemed like an eternity, and It had to be Blonde, and I can tell thee it hardly touched the sides!!!

After the first week of business the land lord of the Airedale Heifer took me to one side to say the customers have said both Blonde & Airedale Ale were outstanding, amazing clarity and flavours, the best it’s ever been. Judging how many empty casks came out of the cellar, Id have to agree!

The Delivery Van has been Very Busy these past two weeks with Regular Full Loads going over the Hill into Manchester, we've also been busy growing our customer base in Sheffield, East Yorkshire and North Yorkshire so keep an eye out for our beers in your local!

With May Just around the Corner, we have a new beer on the Horizon... what is May known as???? MILD MAY!

So two brand new beers are now available Dark Mild & Hazelnut Mild. Brewed using 7 different malts, including Crystal malt, chocolate malt & oats, then hopped using the traditional English hop bramling cross. Our tasting notes are as follows:

“A dark mild with a rich toffee and chocolate malt backbone then a hedgerow berries finish”

And the Hazelnut Mild is the same base with a nutty and almost famous chocolate bar flavour to it 😜

If you remember from the last blog, I asked you to support as many drinking establishments as you can, I have been supporting as many as

I can across Yorkshire, visiting Leeds, Sheffield & Wakefield.


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