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Moaning's from the Mash Tun June 2021 - Things are hotting up!!

As the title says, in May and towards the start of June things were hotting up in the brew house. One Wednesday morning in early June, the brew house was 30C at 8am. Those people that know me or have met me before will know I’m pushing a few extra pounds, so this day was a little uncomfortable to say the least. However I still enjoyed doing the brew.

The day arrived when I could finally enjoy a pint of Mild, after all May is traditionally known as “Mild May”

To say I was happy with the end result of this brew is an understatement. Everything from the colour to the flavour was on point.

I even managed to get across to a couple of my regular customers to try numerous pints of Hazelnut Mild and Dark Mild – Just to make sure I got the recipes correct. Also judging by the feed back on Untappd, other people think I got this one right.

May also saw a couple of days to have a full clean down of the brewery, and with this I decided to move the pilot kit into the brew house. The aim of this pilot kit is to do some smaller scale brews and tweak some recipe ideas that we have. It will also help going forward with recipe development, and increase our range of beers, everyone likes to try the weird and wonderful every now and then. The first beer to be brewed was a Single Hopped Centennial beer coming in at 4.5%. Keep your eyes peeled for a release of this one in the near future...

Also if you ever fancied working alongside me, then now is your chance. Bridgehouse has a position available in our warehouse/ Dray Team you can apply via our Facebook or by sending your CV's to


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