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Moaning's from the Mash Tun July 2021 - ENGLAND, BALTIC AND CENTENNIAL!!!

Well we are 6 month through the year already. Looking back where has the time gone?

As I type this England has done rather well in the Euro 2020/2021, in the background they are currently playing Germany and we are 1 - 0 up thanks to Sterling. Now I openly admit I am not a massive football fan, but its nice to see our home team doing well for a change. The game finished 2 -0. Come on England!

The month saw me being rather busy in the brew house, busy keeping our core beers brewed and fresh, inline with the demand. It’s a shame that Boris extended our current lockdown but is probably for the best and lets not mention Matt Hancock...

We have some exciting news to tell you. We have brewed Batlic Rum Porter for the first time in 12 months. For those of you that are not familiar with it, it’s a medium gravity baltic style porter, a mixture of malts produce a smooth sweet base, and the use of Saaz hops and rum give depth, character & Flavour. This beer is a guilty pleasure of mine. It was my favourite dark beer back oin 2017, well before I started at Bridgehouse, back when I was lead brewer at James & Kirkman and already striked up a great working relationship with the team at Bridgehouse.

The second bit of news from the Brewhouse is, we have brewed a BRAND NEW beer Centennial 4.5%. This is the first beer kicking off our new single hop range. As I type this I’m currently writing the tasting notes for this delicious beer. “Pale in colour with a hoppy floral aroma. Balanced perfectly against citrus, earthy and malty flavours, leading to a dry finish”

It was brewed with fresh Centennial hops, added at 4 different stages of the brew, including a large whirlpool addition at the end of the boil, giving it a 5.5g per litre boost.

This beer is that brand new that we have not managed to complete the pump clip artwork, but rest assured it will be available for delivery week commencing 5th July.

- Simon.

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