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Moaning's from the Mash Tun April 2021 - Hallelujah The Tanks are Full!

Well this is a total change! February was a long month and March flew by, it actually went in a blink of the eye. All I could think about was to be back doing what I love the most.

We began ramping up production at Bridgehouse, all guns were blazing! I got to spend time in the place I love, my brewhouse.

It all started with stock takes, spreadsheets and placing orders for key ingredients. One early Wednesday morning saw me waiting eagerly outside our malt supplier until they opened, collecting fresh malt that was still actually warm from the kilning process.

Within 90 minutes this malt was inside our Mash Tun mixed with hot water and so began the process of creating Holy Cow, How I have missed this. The aromas of fresh sugary wort in the morning is exhilarating, and also enough to kick start any day. Everything ran smoothly like a well-oiled machine, and steam could be seen coming out the chimney by late morning, what a great sight and aroma for anyone passing!!

After this brew, what followed was 3 more days of brewing. Filling four of our five fermenting vessels with Holy Cow, Aired Ale, Tequila Blonde and our best-selling ale ‘Blonde”, keep this on the low down, but Blonde has to be my favourite of the lower abv beers we brew.

Seeing four of our five fermenting vessels full almost brought a tear my eye. However this was short lived as I was back in on Monday brewing Porter, thus filling all our tanks and brewing to capacity. Our first beer to be racked off was Aired Ale, a series of “Quality Control” tests were carried out, and I can confirm its “On Point” and the clarity can only be considered as crystal clear. There was no time for the tank to be kept empty, as we had to brew Landlady IPA straight back into it.

A big shout out to our little team at Bridgehouse. All hands-on deck, and everyone was eager to get stuck in. Brewing all this delicious beer means there is a mammoth task of cleaning casks & filling casks.

If you get chance, then support your local by visiting them from the 12th of April, the industry needs you right now. I have made sure that I have booked into my local watering holes. Lets raise and glass or two and support the industry we all Love!


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