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Moaning's From The Mash Tun February 2021

Welcome to the first addition of “moaning's from the mash tun” with Head Brewer Simon Seaton.

We are now well and truly into 2021, the pubs are still shut and we are plodding along. I can’t wait for the day when we are allowed back in the pubs socially, surrounded by family, friends and total strangers.

Looking out the window on a snowy wet January day, we took the decision to have some downtime in the brewery and get some Maintenace carried out, whilst the Fermenting Vessels were empty. This is never a good feeling, know that you have no beer in the tanks, in various stages of Fermentation. But alas, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and the day will come when these are full of delicious beer.

The Maintenace involved a deep clean of the brew house and goods in. The first task was to repaint the floors in the brew house. A job I thought would be a nice steady two-day effot, little did I know it would take just under two weeks. However the extra time was worth it, and the end result looked great.

Moving on from painting the brew house floor, I went along and gave goods in a deep clean, the walls had a good going over with Anti Fungal solution and then painted it in a lovely antique cream.

After the painting I decided I wanted to have a small move around of the Fermenting Vessel's to make it easier for racking beer off, and have a better flow in the brewery. Whilst moving them, I thought it would be a good idea to give all the chiller units and internal cooling coils a clean, making these more efficient when we start brewing again.

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Nick Fox
Nick Fox
02 бер. 2021 р.

Looking good gents, Can't wait to be downing a pint or four in the Heiffer once she's open again. It'll have to be 20l BiB until then :)


27 лют. 2021 р.

looking good boys keep up the good work hope to see you soon 😀

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